Winter sales and exports

Despite the cold winter weather, long dark nights and covid concerns, boats are still selling well here in France.
Last month we sent the Colombiers restaurant boat to Portugal. This month we have sent a Smelne back to Holland (talk about coals to Newcastle!) and a Haines 34 to Ireland. Preparing the Smelne for transport was a tad tricky as the subzero temperatures and light snow made the decks treacherous as we removed and secured the radar arch and windscreens for transport. Luckily it was a little warmer and just rained (not snowed) the following day when the boat was craned onto the truck for transport. Of course there was the usual sale of other boats remaining here in France one of which was bought on the first visit and another sold without a single visit! So if you have a boat you are thinking of selling we really do need stock at the moment. Please do get in touch, we’d be delighted to help with the sale of your vessel here on the inland waterways of France or anywhere on the west Mediterranean coast.