Some of you will be polishing cleaning and dewinterising whilst others will be getting the itch to buy their next (or their first) boat. After a few seasons spent renting a hire cruiser or just talking to the boaters whilst strolling the towpaths and marinas now is the time to take the plunge.
Whether you’re buying for the first time or not many of the same problems will be facing you. What type of boat for what type of navigation? Blue water or coastal? Canal and river cruising? A mix of all the above? What style? Motor cruiser, barge, steel hull versus GRP? Once you’ve eliminated a number of options other worries will commence, like, " Will the boat I’ve seen in the adverts match up to the boats I will see when I visit? This is one aspect you can be sure of when drawing up a short list of boats for sale on Boatshed or Boatshed Midi All our photos & videos are taken by our brokers so not only are they a true representation of current condition but having “crawled through, over and under” the boat, the broker knows it well enough to advise on condition and suitability for your particular project. Live-aboard or weekender it is not only the quality of our information that counts but our ability to listen and respond to individual needs and personal requirements. Our goal is not to sell you a boat but to help you find the boat you will want to buy.