Many owners think that their boat will not sell in winter. Many more think it will be difficult to get decent photos with their boat winterised and gear all over the place. Well here at Boatshed Bourgogne we are used to the challenges of listing and selling boats 12 months a year. Where humanly possible we will move items that are incongruously stored in the saloon (or on the king size centre island double of your superb master cabin) whilst we take our photos. No need to mask or fake. Just set up as well as possible and of course emphasising the fact that it is evidence of the pains you take to winterise your pride and joy correctly. Summer or winter we will do whatever we can to make sure that your boat is represented in the best possible way. Photos, videos & virtual reality images showing her as she really is with good points brought to the fore and bad ones put into context. Our slogan, “what you see on our website is what you will see in the water” is rigorously protected and we are proud to hear our buyers comment, “It’s just like the photos on your site.”
After our listing visit we will put everything back exactly as we found it. Winter is not a block to sales or listings at Boatshed Bourgogne and we work year round to present your boat to the widest possible market in the best possible way. We already have a number of sales visits booked for the rest of December and for next January. January this year was one of our record sales months. So don’t miss out. Call us now and lets have a chat about the advantages of marketing your boat with us.

À bientôt,

Cathy Bouguereau