If you are looking for a razzel dazzle boatbroker, Graham Wharmby of Boatshed Bourgogne is not your man.

But if you are looking for an honest, hardworking broker that goes out of his way to ensure you and your boating needs are properly looked after, he is definitely the man you want. We found Graham to be a conscientious energetic man who will give you the straight bill of goods.

My wife and I were relative novices to the barging world, while conducting numerous Internet searches of “barges for sale” sites. We managed to narrow our search to a couple of vessels that we were fairly sure would meet our needs.

We contacted Graham, the listing broker for one of the boats that was in France. Using e-mail and Skype from our home in Canada, we were able to talk directly to him and get additional information on the boat. We made arrangements to meet him and view the boat he had listed.

Graham informed us that while he would gladly assist us in any way he could, his primary responsibility was to the boat owner(s) who had contracted him to sell their boat. He very carefully laid out how the process worked, ensuring that we fully understood all the different aspects of purchasing a boat. He followed up by sending us various documents on the process. He inquired as to what we wanted in a boat, our plans for its use, number of berths, how long we planned to cruise each season, and so on. After hearing our criteria, he suggested that while we were in Migennes, we also look at another of his listings; the Maggie May.

In June of 2013 we flew to France and met with Graham. He again reviewed the process of purchasing a boat in France, ensuring we fully understood the processes. We arrived at the boat yard and viewed the boat we thought we wanted. Graham then took us across the yard to see the Maggie May.

Maggie May, as it turned out, has all the features that meet our cruising needs. By trusting Graham and viewing his recommendation, we found a boat that is suited to our needs. She is well built and maintained, is very comfortable and has a lot of excellent features. We decided to make an offer.

Graham and his wife Magali, helped us through the entire purchasing process from making the offer, arranging for tests on the boat and transferring funds. They provided us with unending information on the operation and registration of the boat. They have continued to assist us as we beginour cruising experience.

In our opinion Graham and Magali went far beyond our expectations to ensure we were able to safely start cruising in a fully operational boat. They ensured that the interests of both the seller and the purchaser were properly and completely looked after. My wife and I have no hesitation recommending Graham and his company to anyone who either wants to sell or purchase a boat.

Betsey and Chris Bomford, aboard the MaggieMay, Central France