Everybody interested in French waterways knows about the famous Pénichettes® hire boats from LOCABOAT but what about the man behind the creation?

In 1977 Mr. Constant PAFSIDES created a company to rent hire boats on the French rivers & canals and two years later the LOCABOAT production yard was created. During the next 30 years, more than 600 boats were made (mainly) for the LOCABOAT hire fleet. Not satisfied with creating the most instantly recognisable hire boat on the French waterways, Constant PAFSIDES always sought to improve and perfect his products. One of the results of his constant quest for improvement was the idea of creating an electric boat. Ideal on the inland waterways, electric boats are quiet and respect the countryside they travel through. But autonomy is a serious consideration if sufficient power is to be supplied. In the end a hybrid solution was devised and construction began on Constant PAFSIDES own “private motor yacht” for the inland waterways. The one and only 17,70 meters long Pénichette in the world.

A diesel engined generator provides all the electric power for the boat including the propulsion via an electric motor.

The advantages?

The electric motor installation delivers smooth high torque form 1 to 900 rpm facilitating low speed manouvers and economical quiet cruising. Electrical production is monitored and distributed automatically with priority to the drive train if needed. Another important safety factor is that there is no gas aboard.

This comfortable, quiet and truly unique Penichette is now for sale as Monsieur PAFSIDES moves on to other projects and new horizons. For full specification, photos & videos, please visit Boatshed Bourgogne :