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King & Queen Pursuit Race 2011.

lundi, 28 mars 2011

The King & Queen Pursuit Race
By the end of 2010, Hamble Lifeboat responded to 140 calls from the thousands of mariners in the Solent and local waters. The voluntary organisation receives no public funding and relies on donations to keep this invaluable service running. Introducing.....The Pacific Northwest Source for Camano Trawlers

vendredi, 25 mars 2011

Built by Camano Yachts Ltd. and Bracewell Boatworks from 1990 through 2007, the remarkable Camano 31 trawler has remained in demand. Featuring consistently high quality, a proprietary, efficient hull design, and a practical, no-nonsense approach to comfortable cruising, nearly 270 Camano 31 models (Trolls and Gnomes) were purchased by an enthusiastic group of owners. The model now continues under the manufacture of Camano Yachts America.

A Poem for Boatshed

jeudi, 24 mars 2011

Shingles Bank

jeudi, 24 mars 2011

A Southern Expedition claims ‘new found land’ in Needles Channel

Les Plus Grandes Marées d'Europe

mardi, 22 mars 2011

Les Plus Grandes Marées d’Europe!
Phénoménale…. Un coef de 118 et un marnage de plus de 13m lundi 21 mars à St Malo. C’est impressionnant. La topographie de la Baie de Mont St Michel fait que c’est ici ou on voie les plus grandes marées d’Europe.
Pendant ces grandes marées des bancs de sable et de vase, et des rochers normalement couverts offrent aux enthousiastes de fruits de mer toutes sortes de coquillages. La pêche a pied est toujours populaire ici, et quand la grande marée tombe sur un weekend,…. qu’il y a du monde sur les plages ! Surtout que là ce weekend il a fait très beau. Le soleil était bien au rendez-vous, même si la température était toujours printanière. Je n’avais pas le temps d’aller jusqu’aux Iles Chausey mais des amis étaient très contents de leur pêche.
Dans le marina des Bas Sablons le seuil se découvre à 2m des cartes et maintient donc un niveau d’eau dans le bassin. Mais malgré ca on remarque bien la différence entre mer haute et basse !
En Rance, contrôlé par le barrage marémotrice les nivaux ne sont pas vraiment sortis de l’ordinaire avec moins de 10m de marnage. Néanmoins j’ai pu prendre quelques belles photos de notre petite Baie de la Landriais, sa calle, ses mouillages et son chantier.
Voici donc des images de notre paradis. Je vous souhaite tous un très bon début de saison.

Featured Boat of the Week - Matthews 40 Sedan Classic Motor Yacht!

lundi, 21 mars 2011

Classic - Contemporary - Cool! These are just a few words that describe this Matthews 40 Sedan Motor Yacht.

Race Training

lundi, 21 mars 2011

A core element of the Clipper Race experience is the pioneering training programme which transforms novices and relatively inexperienced sailors into highly skilled racing yacht crew.
CLIPPER TRAINING has trained more than 2,000 people who intend to race across the oceans and around the world with the Clipper Race. The experience and expertise that has been gained during this process is second to none and has enabled Clipper Training to develop a world class training programme.

The Race

lundi, 21 mars 2011

40,000 miles of ocean racing and around 450 people facing the challenge of a lifetime. When the starting gun goes off for the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race in August 2011 the fleet of ten sleek, stripped down 68-foot yachts will embark on a full circumnavigation of the globe.
It’s not easy and only those with a firm desire to live life to the full apply. They come from all walks of life, all backgrounds and from all corners of the globe. It’s the only race in the world where the organisers supply the fleet of ten identical, 68-foot, stripped down racing yachts – each sponsored by a city, a region or a country – and man them with ten fully trained skippers, employed to lead the crews safely around the planet.
It’s the only race in the world where taxi drivers rub shoulders with chief executives, vicars mix with housewives, students work alongside bankers, nurses work with vets and doctors team up with rugby players. It’s an experience that will change people’s lives and while the crew members may be amateur, no one has told the ocean that. The sea does not distinguish between Olympians or novices and if the Southern Ocean, the Pacific or the South Atlantic decides to throw down its gauntlet, the Clipper crews need to be ready to face exactly the same challenges as those experienced by the professional racer.

Eastwood Marina

lundi, 21 mars 2011

East Anglia is fast becoming a favourite location for leisure sailors. The River Yare boasts beautiful rural countryside and deep water moorings from the coast right into the heart of Norwich. The sea is about a two hour cruise away from Eastwoods. You can choose to enter the sea from Gt.Yarmouth or Lowestoft via the River Waveney.

Marina facilities

lundi, 21 mars 2011

Eastwood Marina on the River Yare at Brundall has been awarded two prestigious awards recognising the contribution the company is making within the Broadland Holiday Industry.

What makes a Classic Yacht?

lundi, 21 mars 2011

There are boats and then there are yachts with interesting histories.

Make Gibraltar your home port.

dimanche, 20 mars 2011

Many years ago I bought myself a Moody 31 at the London Boat Show. It was during a period in my career when I was based in London. "Shamal" was kept at Swanwick Marina on the Hamble a 2 hour drive from London. The Solent is a great place to sail and I spent many happy days exploring the creeks and rivers of the Solent. Soon I progressed to passages to the West Country and across the English Channel to Cherbourg and the Channel Islands.

Nor'westing Magazine March Issue - NW Classics 37 Great Harbour

samedi, 19 mars 2011

Pick up the March Issue of Nor’westing Magazine to read the NW Classics article about our 2000 Great Harbour 37 Trawler.
Can’t get your hands on a Nor'westing? Click here to connect with our Waterline Boats Blog to download a PDF of the article!

Exactly what do you get for your survey fee?

mercredi, 16 mars 2011

So, you’ve decided to buy the boat of your dreams and now you need a survey. You phone up a number of surveyors to find out the cost. You read up on forums about people grumbling about what a survey costs. So what do you get with your survey and why does it cost what it costs?

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle Boats for Sale - Recently Reduced!

dimanche, 13 mars 2011

Spring is upon us...and that means that the height of the NW boating season is just around the corner!
Check out these recently reduced vessels or give us a call! We are ready to arrange a viewing or answer any questions you may have about these or any of our listings.

Hayling Island pebbles tracked by scientists

mercredi, 02 mars 2011

Electronically-tagged pebbles have been scattered on the shore at Hayling Island, Hampshire, to track the movement of beach material.
The 2,600 flint pebbles along the 4.9 miles (8km) of coast will be tracked by scientists using GPS scanners.
The pebbles have been cut with a water jet and filled with ID chips similar to those used to tag pets.
The tracer pebble study aims to follow the stones to help prevent flooding to the island's seafront properties.
Clive Moon, coastal engineer, said: "The pebbles move rapidly - around 120m to 150m in just one tidal cycle - but they don't always move in the same direction.
"One day they may go west and another they may go east."
Beach 'nourished'
The technology inside the pebbles is expected to last for several decades.
The greatest distance travelled by a single pebble along the shore is currently 1.7 miles (2.8km).
The island's coast loses between 25,000 and 50,000 cubic metres of sand, single and pebbles each year.
The shingle on the boot-shaped island's beach is topped up annually by dumper trucks.
Every five years the area is "nourished", whereby material dredged from the seabed is sprayed directly back onto the beach.

Mr. Mustang and a Beautiful Girl called Joanine.

mercredi, 02 mars 2011

If yachts were people Mr. Mustang and Joanine should really get together. He is strong, full of character, a man about the world who has seen and done everything, a sort of Bernie Ecclestone of the boating world. Mr. Mustang is a Renown offshore cruiser Westerly who has navigated everywhere and is still not ready for a pair of warm slippers as there are still many coves to explore and ports to visit. Mr Mustang is lonely despite being one of the best value blue water boats (£16,500) that Boatshed Gibraltar has listed; he is still to get an offer that he can't refuse.

Chichester Harbour Events - March

mercredi, 02 mars 2011

Join us for a great 10 mile walk on Saturday 12th right across the top of the harbour. This would be a good warm up walk if you are planning on booking the Festival of Harbour Walks in May. For more leisurely ways to learn about the harbour, try the Harbour Creekies talk on Wednesday 16th or one of the Solar Heritage trips.

A Real Wood Alternative to Teak Decking

lundi, 28 février 2011

Boatshed Dartmouth successfully sold a Moody 425 just before Christmas and her new owner decided that the cockpit seating and sole were really in need of attention as part of his refurbishment of the yacht. The curved nature of the seating had caused water to lay in certain places on the seating area especially aft by the drain holes which tend to block easily. Over a period of time this had resulted in the original plywood faced imitation decking fitted by Moody completely rotting out and it was starting to lift in other areas.

Featured Boat of the Week - Bavaria 49

samedi, 26 février 2011

Bavaria Yachts has been building yachts of high quality and value for more than three decades, earning their reputation as one of the top-ranked and largest state-of-the-art yacht builders in Europe.