Your Boatshed France Team in Gosport for their HQ training course

Last April, Graham Wharmby, founder of Boatshed Bourgogne and Boatshed Midi Canals, James Hebden broker at Boatshed Midi Canals and Cathy Bouguereau broker at Boatshed Bourgogne, crossed the Chanel heading for Gosport, Boatshed Inc. HQ, for a three day training session.

The key point: how to improve on the service both for vendors and purchasers?

From the vendors point of view: how to enhance his boat, without hiding any defaults? The answers is: honestly presenting the boat through photos, videos and comments on our Boatshed website.

Photos should reflect what the boat really is like. Damage must be photographed just the same as any newly bought equipment. Comments must be brief and informative giving as much detail as possible in as few lines as possible.

From the purchasers point of view: the Boatshed website lists all the equipment on board. The online visitors gets used to our simple and intuitive platform where they can find all the information they want to know about our boats and with a standard presentation for all boats online. The idea is to enable them to know precisely what boat (or boats) is (are) interesting and to avoid useless and disappointing boat visits.

After having spent three days training in a great atmosphere, the Boatshed France Team members crossed the Chanel back to France, quite motivated and confident in the support Boatshed HQ is giving them in their task of developing Boatshed across the globe.

Always ready to serve you:

Graham et Magali Wharmby, Boatshed France, Bourgogne, Midi Canals and St Malo

James Hebden, Boatshed Midi Canals from Beaucaire to Port Saint Louis & Toulouse

Cathy Bouguereau, Boatshed Bourgogne, the Briare, the Loing, the Nivernais and the Burgundy canals, the river Seine between St Mammès and Montereau Fault Yonne.

Cathy Bouguereau