At the end of January brokers from Boatshed Bourgogne, Boatshed Midi Canals & Boatshed Paris got together for a seminar concentrating on the year ahead and a training session in the use of our new Virtual Reality technology. The Port of Decize is an ideal location with its comfortable hotel and chalet accommodation, a good restaurant and most important of all (for us) first class, modern conference facilities. Oh! and an excellent central heating system!
It’s -9° outside but in spite of the cold in the air and the ice on the water our intrepid brokers all turned up for our 2 day event. 100% turn out .... Bravo! By enabling the use of VR on the Boatshed platform it is now possible to make a virtual visit of boats from “the comfort of your own home”. With a click of your mouse grab and turn the image up, down and around and "visit" the boat just as if you were there. For an even more immersive experience try looking at the images through VR viewers on your smartphone. It’s just like being on board!

A simple click on the 360° icon after the standard photos on our website and it gives direct access to the VR images. Here below are a couple of links to boats already listed using this technology

Our sites

will be including VR technology in all future listings and refreshing older listings too wherever we can.
We will of course still be featuring our video visits wherever possible as well as including floor plans and heaps of traditional photos. It's all part of our determination to use all the tools at our disposal and provide the very best brokerage services available to our clients, buyers and vendors alike!

From an original article by

Cathy Bouguereau