Brokers seek to reach international markets; Boatshed’s digital platform has global reach, and analyses data to match sales with most likely buyers

Suppose you, a yacht broker, could tell a potential client exactly what boat they should buy, and you knew just where to find it? Not just what kind of boat the client would like, but almost exactly what the client is looking for?

Boatshed’s online platform comes close to achieving this, using cutting-edge digital data collection and analytics. Wouldn’t you like to work for a boat broker that can do all that?

Boatshed has records of thousands of viewings, dating back to 1999, and these have resulted in literally millions of engagements with boats by customers. Collecting and sorting this data, Boatshed applies artificial intelligence techniques to it, making use of proprietary algorithms that work out which boats will be the best choices for individual customers.

So when the broker approaches a customer, he or she is armed with a selection that is very likely to arouse client interest. This also saves much time in educating the client, and, along with the extensive documentation and images that accompany each boat proposal the broker makes, push the sales discussion forward very rapidly.

How does the Boatshed platform do this?

Customer analytics have progressed in almost every industry in the past few years, as companies came to grips with Big Data. Customer data flows into a company’s collection from a wide variety of sources: The web, social media, chat, email, etc. Every time a customer updates the Facebook, a few breadcrumbs are thrown out onto the Net for company analytics to digest. The insights from crunching Big Data are changing the way business is done across the globe. As Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen puts it: “A perfect storm of technological innovation, combining devices, social media, the cloud, and Big Data analytical tools means that more than $36 trillion of stock-market value will be vulnerable to change over the next few years.”

Boatshed is first in the industry to apply Big Data analytics to quality boat sales. The platform works on a huge database of boat choices, including all the most popular brands, but also many that clients may not know about.

It’s a huge advantage for a yacht broker, in fact, as Christensen puts it, it’s already disrupting the whole sector.

Wouldn’t you like to work for a broker who can vet client wishes for you? Contact Boatshed to learn what they can offer you.