By teaming up with Canalous, the leading French boat builder and hire fleet operator, Boatshed is bringing the best out of boat ownership in France.

In addition to the joys of fresh water cruising through the French countryside, you can now buy a boat through Boatshed Bourgogne or Boatshed Midi Canals and receive a guaranteed income from 6% to over 8% per annum on your investment – and still have the opportunity to use your boat for up to 10 weeks per year.

‘This is a new and exciting opportunity, especially for our foreign buyers who cannot make full use of a vessel or hire it out when they are not on board,’ says Graham Wharmby of Boatshed Bourgogne. ‘With this new boat management scheme, we now have the structure to create more freedom and flexibility for boat owners.

French boating holidays that earn you money

‘Canal and river cruising in France remains immensely popular – not only as a vacation but also as one of the best ways to explore the culture and scenery that France has to offer,’ added Graham. ‘With demand, as it is, this new scheme represents a superb investment opportunity.’

For purchasers participating in the scheme, there’s another bonus. Owners have the opportunity of using a similar standing vessel to their own from the Canalous network of more than 20 hire bases throughout France to explore ‘pastures new’ without the need of travelling long distances in their own boat within a short time frame.

Choose your boat and choose your location

‘New-build and recent second-hand vessels are eligible for the scheme,’ says Graham. ‘These include the classic Tarpon range of cruisers in the 32ft, 37ft, 42ft and even the 49ft lengths – and currently we have a number of Tarpons available that all offer more than 8% per annum return on investment.’

With Boatshed’s professional brokering of the sale of the boat, there’s a seamless transition to Canalous to take care of the management and hire arrangements.

‘All the administrative work, including accountancy, is taken care of,’ added Graham.

‘And, the scheme is open to all – so you don’t need to be a French or EU national. Furthermore, all operating costs are borne by the management company so there’s no need to worry about paying mooring fees, navigation taxes, insurance or regular and annual maintenance.’