Boatshed has a global reach, but understands the importance of ‘local boots on the ground.’ Boatshed is now the largest yacht brokerage organisation in the world, with agents, partners and brokers working across the UK, Europe, US, Asia and Emerging Markets. But we are also local, meaning that we are close by to handle your boat sale.

We give you international reach, with local presence.

Global Reach

In 2016, Boatshed sold £50 million (US$61.3 million) worth of boats. On average, Boatshed sold its listings twice as fast as other brokerages, because it reaches a vast number of buyers thanks to its powerful online platform. The platform also uses advanced digital technology to match buyers and sellers. Boatshed can securely manage funds in international sales thanks to its secure, central financing operation. Our finance director has 25 years of experience in international finance and can assure security and compliance at the highest level.

Local Presence

But local presence is critical. Having a person on the ground near the boat for sale is a critical part of the sales process. Buying and selling a boat can often be a logistical nightmare, so there is no substitute for having boots on the ground, someone to deliver keys, to help with access to the boat, to manage physical viewings and to sort out the hundreds of local challenges in the sale of a boat. And we at Boatshed are there on the spot for you all the way through the process until the boat is delivered to its new owner.

We don’t just think global; we are global. But we are also there for you locally, where the boat is. This is a vital component of the Boatshed offer.

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