The wildlife makes no distinction. Dutch barge, steel cruiser or hire boat, they all make a great landing place from time to time. A butterfly on the roof, a dragonfly on the bollards and yet as soon as you reach for the camera….. “pouf” GONE AGAIN. For most of us pleasure boaters the art of animal photography seems very frustrating!

For others it is a real passion and on the 10th 11th & 12th March they will be sharing that passion in the form of an exhibition in the “Salle Polyvalente” at the village of Ouzouër sur Trézée on the Canal de Briare. Ouzouër sur Trézée has an excellent “halte nautique” where boaters can moor up with water & electricity on site, good sanitary facilities, recycling facilities, and of course appetising French produce in the village shops. Situated near the top pound of the Canal de Briare it is surrounded by French countryside and the last lock is called “Gazonne”. This makes the locals smile as it is surrounded by lakes, streams and of course wide meadows. A super place for walking, riding, or just enjoying the view with a glass of something and friends.

It is a happy coincidence then, that the lock keeper, Monsieur Philippe GERARD is also a passionate nature lover and wildlife photographer. Hearing M. GERARD talk of his efforts and exploits in the hunt for the perfect photo one is easily absorbed as he weaves his passionate tale.

M. GERARD is one of five natural history photographers who have exhibited their works annually for the last six years in Ouzouër’s “Salle Polyvalente”. This year’s exhibition also sees the works of Patrick Antzamidakis, Didier Ducanos, Philippe Léger & Yves Danjon on display and promises to be a treat for all.

Translated from original text by Cathy Bouguereau